One kilogram, 2 kilograms, half a kilogram; you name it we can make it. 

Our cinnamon baklava is to die for. Just the right amount of cinnamon is baked into each piece. This flavour has proven itself delightful.

​​Anise Cookies

Anise seeds bring a faint hint of licorice to these crisp, crunchy cookies. Golden to the eye and made with all natural ingredients, this recipe bridges worlds. The traditional Lebanese recipe resembles a popular Italian cookie recipe, melding Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours into something utterly sublime.

Vegan Turmeric and Anise Muffin 

Light and airy, this muffin blends a subtle hint of Anise with the warm glow of Turmeric into a wonderfully addictive combination. Turmeric does so much for your health -- it can help prevent cancer and Alzheimer's, act as an anti-inflammatory and more. This traditional Lebanese cake recipe transformed into a muffin proves once and for all that healthy can be delicious.

Vegan Baklava
Who knew Baklava could taste this light? This vegan Baklava has none of the sticky sweetness of regular Baklava, and all the perfection. Natural fillo pastry wraps around a walnut filling and finished with the fragrance of Rosewater and Orange Blossom water. Guilt free, homemade Baklava at its finest.
Baklava made vegan, and Muffins without the fat, but with all the flavour.
Exotic flavours built into something extraordinary: the licorice sweetness of Anise, the subtle after taste of Rosewater, the warm richness of Cardamom. Traditional Lebanese and Middle Eastern treats are transformed into sublime taste sensations.

A traditional Lebanese dessert made with semolina and dates. The all natural ingredients and subtle flavour of the rosewater make this a light flavourful treat.

Rosewater is a syrup made by boiling rose petals. This is our original flavour. A bite of this flavoured baklava will send you straight to Lebanon

 Our maple baklava is mouthwatering and addicting. 

Date Ma'amoul